He’s Choosing You

You’re thinking he doesn’t like you anymore but he does
He’s always talking about how life with you last year was
You remember how he used to always break your heart
and you think there’s a reason why you’ve split apart

After you left, he realized what he needed to do
If he ever was to end up getting back together with you
He got more focused on his goals than ever before
To support himself he’s done sales door to door

And while you’re going to your University classes
He’s looking at life with rose colored glasses
and he dreams of the days you’ll be together again
He’s digging down deep inside his soul
and concentrating on his most important goal
as you surrounded yourself with all those college men
All he knows is what you and have is so true
and he’s choosing you

It may seem like he’s not interested anymore
since that night you had a fight and slammed that door
But something finally got through to his stubborn mind
and when he faced those demons, he decided to grind

He started to refuse to hang out with anyone
He knows that what you have together is far from done
and whether you realize it or not, he misses you so
I’m here at your dorm room cause I wanted you to know

That as you’re going to your University classes
He’s always wearing his rose colored glasses
and he dreams of the days you’ll be together again
He’s digging deep down inside his soul
and concentrating on his most important goal
because you’re around all these ambitious college men
All he knows is what you and he have is true
He’s choosing you

He’s choosing you
and I hope you end up choosing him too.


Lyric Notes: So it took a little while to figure this story out and how it applies to what I’ve been through or what I’ve seen. I’ve come up with the fact that I was in a dorm room with my friend’s girlfriend at the time. It wasn’t quite this story, but I imagined up a scene where the character realized that the girl his friend is choosing may not realize it, so I have him come there to the dorm room and tell her about it. Kind of a reversal, because you expect usually that it’s the guy explaining to the girl that HE doesn’t want to live without her or HE’S had this crush on her. This is different. This is a friend speaking up for his friend as a friend to both of them.  That’s what drove these lyrics and I was pretty happy how it turned out.  Maybe it’s something I always wished someone did for me.  But either way, it was really cool to come up with.


Baby Let’s Horse Around

It’s been a crazy week at work for us
And I’m itchin’ to get out on the town
Our bosses at work have been on our backs
and all that stress has got us down
It’s time to get into our Friday best
Time to get someone to watch our hound
Let’s you and me get into some trouble, girl
Baby let’s horse around

Let’s horse around
Baby, let’s horse around
Get these torn up jeans on honey
I found them rumpled on the ground
You can wear my favorite band t-shirt
as long as we’re bar bound
Let’s go goof off with all our friends
Baby let’s horse around

Let’s grab an Uber to your buddy’s house
where we can pregame by eatin’ some snacks
we could even play some cornhole games
and crank up some country tunes to the max
Then head on down to our favorite honkytonk
Get all hopped up on tequila and lime
And I’ll try my best on that stubborn bull
It’ll be a buckin’ good time

I’ve got some quarters for the jukebox
They’ve been in that mason jar for a year
Let’s go bring 90’s line dancin’ back
If you don’t want hard booze we’ll guzzle beer

Let’s horse around
Baby let’s horse around
You could get yourself dolled up tonight
It’s time we get unwound
You can wear your new cowboy boots
and I can wear mine too
Let’s horse around baby
I love horsin’ around with you

I love horsin’ around with you.


She Loves Truckin’

She answered a Drivers Wanted ad
They said she’d be haulin’ a big rig
She’d see all parts of the country
And it would be a cushy gig

So she signed up to get her CDL
And her Hazmat credentials too
She hasn’t told her parents yet
And it’s time I think they knew

She loves truckin’
Truckin’ across the USA
When she’s not truckin’
She’s havin’ a really bad day
She loves truckin’
She’s excited about honkin’ that horn
She loves truckin’
You’d think she’s been truckin’ since the day she was born

She asked me if I’d like to ride along
For me to see what truckin’ was like
So we went on a big truckin’ adventure
In our down time, we’d eat or take a hike
But the best thing about truckin’
Was after our loads were done
I told her our truckin’ was out of this world
Our truckin’ convinced me she was the one

And we love truckin’
We love truckin’ day and night
We love truckin’
Truckin’s fun under the moonlight
We love truckin’
Truckin’ is such a blast
We love truckin’
Man, we’re truckin’ so damn mothertruckin’ fast

We get the loads to the destinations early
The customers are happy with how we truck
We never had to tell any of those factories
We were late and they were out of luck
We’ve never been pulled over by any Smokeys
Our truckin’ is fantastic and we love our checks
There’s nothin’ like being married truckers
Since we’ve been truckin’ we’ve had amazing sex

She loves truckin’
And I love truckin’ too
We love truckin’
There’s nothin’ else we’d rather do
We truck when we’re sleepy
We truck when we’re awake
Truckin’ really pleasing for both of us
The excitement’s never ever, ever fake

No, the excitement’s never ever, ever fake.


Lyric Notes: This was so truckin’ fun to write.

Everyone Has A Past

Some of us were weirdos
Some of us were geeks
Some of us were athletic
Some of us were freaks
Some of us were outgoing
Some of us were shy
Some of us had questions
Some of us thought we knew why

Some of us were happy
Some of us were sad
Some of us had parents
Some of us were bad
Some of us were introverts
Some of us were good guys
Some of us were spinsters
Some of us were wise

Some of us used to brag
Some of us were not proud
Some of us failed a lot
Some of us were disallowed
Some of us were like our parents
Some of us didn’t have much
Some of us wanted attention
Some of us didn’t like to be touched

Some of us learned on computers
Some of us learned from TV
Some of us learned from magazines
Some of us were carefree
Some of us have secrets
Some of us didn’t like how we were raised
Some of us made foolish mistakes
Some of us were highly praised

Some of us were forgiven
Some of us can’t forget
Some of us are just livin’
Some of us harbor regret
Some of us are in the moment
Some of us got nowhere fast
But all of us know one thing
Everyone has a past

Everyone has a past.


Trust Me I’m Fine

We were dating each other once upon a time
I remember I wanted her so much to be mine
I brought her balloons and flowers
I admit I got so carried away
And I’ll have to say, I blame my naivete’

I thought she wanted a guy who was sincere
Who had intentions that were loud & clear
Who didn’t have any powers
To quell a villain’s plan
Like the Hulk, Spidey or Superman

But I was no hero to her
I was clumsy and fell short back then
I quickly moved on to someone else
And I’d think about her all over again
They say time heals wounds and it’s true
New people, places, and seasons
They have a way of changing you
If she ever runs into me
I’ll be relaxed as I say this line,
You look like you’re doing well
and trust me I’m fine

I found someone who isn’t there to just agree
She inspires me to be the best man I can be
She’s sensitive and kind
She has a brilliant mind
She doesn’t care I don’t have a college degree

But I still think about the girl who walked away
After we went to that fancy dance that May
Had no idea what true love was
We were just together because
It’s what we thought we wanted back in the day

And I was no hero to her
I was clumsy and fell short back then
She quickly moved on to someone else
Then much later, a few better men
They say time flows merrily like a stream
The hard times are long forgotten
Much like a bad childhood dream
If we meet again sometime
I won’t need her as a valentine
I’ll look into those amazing eyes
And say trust me I’m fine

Trust me I’m fine
Trust me I’m fine
Trust me I’m fine
Trust me I’m fine.


The Two of You

Three of us were neighbors then
the two of you were & are so tight
Deanne, you’ve been a rock, so strong
Tracy, you’ve been cool as an Autumn night
Both of you had trails of your own
Boy, how different they were
Deanne, you went off to college
Tracy, you didn’t want to follow her

I watched the two of you grow up
Saw you change throughout the years
From most recent, Deanne’s wedding
To way back, when you both led cheers
These memories I speak of
They remain with me because they’re true
I can’t think of a friendship between women
more special than the two of you

I gave the two of you my artwork
from when I took art lessons in Junior High
Deanne, you have the “Island Sunset”
Tracy, you have the “Butterfly”
I don’t think you know how I decided
to give them to you instead of my family
There were too many reasons, it’s too complicated
To explain, I’d have to write volumes of poetry

And so we’re no longer neighbors
We live in separate towns
I think about the two of you often
Still smell your scents and hear the sounds
of your voices as I’m driving
as I have tons of time to kill
To think about my history and yours
Those times with you mean something still

Watching the two of you mature
is one thing I treasure with my heart
Because it fed me with good feelings
I need them now we’re so far apart
You both have my artwork
and I have pages and pages in my mind
concerning the two of you
and how you treated me-
Thank you both for being so kind
Thank you both for not leaving me behind.


That Freezing Rain Guy

I’m that guy you passed on
at the end of the night
when the rest of them decided
to leave you behind
I’m that guy who knows you better
than anyone else alive
I’ve been there at your lowest
and when you’ve been high

I’m that guy who was there
when they broke up with you
That one who’s been devoted
Who’s always followed through
I’m that guy you have coffee with
Your wingman at the bars
We’ve gone shopping for everything
from vintage clothing to cars

And all these years together
All these memories we’ve made
Don’t they mean more to you
than going out and getting laid
Don’t you see it’s in the cards
Don’t you see what we could be
I’m that guy but you’re too busy
seeing right through me

I’m that guy who knows it’s not him
because you tell me all the time
The first you call in the morning
You send me all kinds of signs
I see you going in circles
I know your heart aches
I know the kind of guy you like
He gives more than he takes

And all these years together
Don’t you see what it could mean
You seek what you already have
And this is that revealing scene
I’m telling you what I deeply feel
Struggling with every word I say
as I make an ass of myself
in this freezing rain

Freezing Rain Guy
Freezing Rain Guy
Freezing Rain Guy
I’m that Freezing Rain Guy.

2010, Revised 2017

Lyric Notes: So, I wrote this back in 2010 as I’m The Guy, but I checked for comparing song titles as I always do and there were several by that title. I had to get creative to make it different and sure enough, Freezing Rain Guy seems appropriate. So I added the tag at the end and it seems to have a kind of impact that it didn’t before.