We met through my ex-girlfriend back in ’96
She had coffee colored eyes & blonde hair
And I never got to know her very well
Which to me, doesn’t seem very fair
My ex-girlfriend loved talking about her
She told me about her ex-fiance’ Mike
And she said they all were roommates
Then she expressed what it was like

Had been engaged with that guy
Broke it off and she told me why
Found out that he was cheating
Caught him in an elaborate lie

She logged in and checked his history
Found out he was a member of a site
Where he was meeting multiple girls
He took each one for drinks and a bite
So she thought she’d set a trap for him
She knew he would likely take the bait
Cause he wasn’t suspicious of motives
He just knew he met a woman named Kate

“Kate’ was my ex-girlfriend in a brunette wig
She dressed differently so he had no clue
They had planned a special night with him
Just to see what he decided he would do

Got my ex-girlfriend to trick a guy she liked
Found out he was into her and psyched
Watched from behind the closet door
Couldn’t keep it a secret anymore

She burst out of my girlfriend’s closet
She got all excited and wanted to play
She decided to join in on the action
Just to see if he’d be into a three-way
Well he saw her and started freaking out
He got on his clothes and out of there
She never heard from Mike again
And frankly, my friend, she didn’t care

Moved away after I met my ex-girlfriend
Got hired as a server and got to bartend
Sent a email to me as she had things to say
Was the one who told me my girlfriend was gay
Thanks to you my dear, wherever you are
I hope you end up to be a well-known star
Thanks for telling me about her secret life
Before we married and she became my wife

Thanks for telling me about her secret life
Before we married and she became my wife


Lyrics Notes: I did meet a Timberly while I was dating a girl way back when, but this is one of those interesting things where I thought up a complete storyline that was far more cooler than the actual experience. Again, creative license with a name I kinda like and it stuck with me as one to use as a song based on a name.

Published by Matthew Kenneth Gray


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