My Backstory

My name is Matthew Kenneth Gray and I am an ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers) Author, Owner of Grandma’s Mantel Music (ASCAP), Verse Writer (Humor), Aspiring Film/TV Extra, and Blogger. I am also a member of the NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International), AIMP (Association of Independent Music Publishers), SONA (Songwriters Of North America) & an Associate Member of The Dramatists Guild. I am an ongoing contributor to the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame so many generations that come after us will enjoy the legacy of Songwriters and our ongoing contribution to the planet.I have studied songs for most of my life and have found my own style of lyric writing has evolved throughout the years. My focus at this time is to create & collaborate on Acoustic (Singer/Songwriter), Neotraditional Country/Western Swing, Jazz (Ballad/Swing/Big Band) and Humourous Blues songs for sync use as Artist Repertoire, Film, Television and Advertising spots.

The Jose Amesti Property Map

Family & Personal History

I am a proud descendant of Spanish families (Amesti/Pinto/Vallejo) who came to America for a better life. They settled in the Monterey Bay Area – Central California region and had been awarded land grants they turned into ranchos. A well known & documented on property was “Rancho los Corralitos.” Below is a picture of me and Mom at the historic “Casa Amesti,” also once owned by relatives in Monterey, CA.

The family was honored by Watsonville by naming Pinto Lake & Park after it as well as Amesti School and Amesti Road. Here’s a cool Wikipedia Page about it all: Rancho los Corralitos. I mention this because I believe this heritage fills me with both pride and purpose. You’ll also notice Pinto Lake mentioned in my lyrics and this is why. All properties were either sold off to other early settlers or given to the church. St. Francis High School and Valley Church were both built on an old property belonging to my early family.

Me with Mom and Dad in Wisconsin.

I was born in Watsonville, CA to Barbara and Kenneth Gray and grew up in Santa Cruz County. I am a third child and have two older brothers, Russ and Jeff. I attended Holy Cross School and Westlake School in Santa Cruz.

Early Creative Years

Below is my “business card” primarily for collecting cards from all over the world – I think this started in 6th Grade. My cousin Rocky Sargent would bring home piles of cards from his travels as a Captain. That phone number was later used for Gray’s Hallmark, my parents’ store in Watsonville.

Photo Credit: Mike Tsao (Sowbug)

I started with cartooning and graduated to taking art lessons from Linda Webb (painting), Amateur Video Production & helped out at a store called Bay Video while attending Moreland Notre Dame. I studied Photography at Aptos High as a Freshman in Gordon Leighton’s class but my Grandfather, F.W. Gray taught me a little bit as well about the art.

High School

At Watsonville High, I was an all-arounder. My parents owned Gray’s Hallmark in Watsonville, so I would work there on the weekends and especially during the holidays. While in the store, I would admire the greeting cards and I think it just naturally came to me to start focusing on my writing. That was me, if I wanted to do something creative, I just did it.

During my Junior Year, the school put on a Musical Production called “Standing Room Only,” and I did a Jimmy Durante solo. The song I sang was “Inka Dinka Doo,” and I researched it more for my U.S. History class with Miss Thompson. She agreed to let me perform the song in the class during my presentation. Those were fun times.I focused on Journalism as I was Opinion Editor for the school paper called “Catztales”. I played competitive tennis all 4 years of High School and later a year at Cabrillo College. I participated in other extra-curricular activities, Mock Trial and Model United Nations. I was even Football Homecoming Chairperson in the Fall of 1986.

“Mysterious Actuality” Published by Catztales, Senior Year – WHS


I was writing poems earlier as a teen, but I tended to like writing verse poetry rather than modern, deep free form (At Cabrillo, I was encouraged to keep a free-form poetry journal and did so for the class). Because of my love of songs, songwriters and music in all forms, I took to writing song lyrics and stuck with it. I remember really studying people & bands like ABBA, Neil Diamond, Anne Murray, John Denver, and many then-current songs. Our house was always filled with music and I soaked it all in. My brother Russ listened to a lot of Hard Rock while Jeff, my middle brother listened to New Wave & lighter fare. I watched a lot of MTV and enjoyed the music of the day.


Me & Doctor Demento at the Covered in Punk signing, April 7, 2018

Songs that I listened to were not just popular songs. I listened a lot to The Dr. Demento Show, which probably warped my idea of how to write songs! These were the songs I really found fun and creative. Dr. D even put my voice on the air – it was a request for a Tom Lehrer song called “I Got It From Agnes.” Tom Lehrer worked up at UCSC as a Mathematics Professor but also taught a Musical Theatre class there. Tom’s lyrics were witty and I learned a lot from his style of writing as well as all the other Novelty songwriters I loved listening to on that show. A more modern parody writer I enjoyed was “Weird Al” Yankovic. I would later meet Al at a They Might Be Giants/Young Fresh Fellows show at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, CA.

I took an ROP Graphic Arts class at Harbor High School, then when that class ended, I ended up in Creative Writing class taught by Jim Weir where I decided to write a book of poetry as a special project. Jonathan Fesmire, the Co-Editor of WHS’ Literary Publication “The Pippin,” encouraged my poetry and showed me his Novella entitled “Open Your Eyes” he had been working on, thus started my friendship with him.

I was also getting various poems published in Catztales at this time.

Early Songwriting

Jonathan Fesmire invited me to write songs with his group of friends who I had seen around and soon enough, myself, Jon & Anthony Fesmire and Chris & Phil Harrington were all writing together.

When Chris was a Senior, Watsonville High School shut down a play he was going to be in called “One Trick Pony,” which led to him discover a new idea brewing in him… “I got it, we’ll write a play!” which turned into a musical entitled “Stop Running Away!

Personal Script of “Stop Running Away!” – Signed by Cast Members

To be fair, it wasn’t totally written by students. Jon was in a Script Writing class at Cabrillo College and I was just invited to participate in the show more as a lyricist. Thus, this was my first real experience working in not only a band but writing lyrics that others would sing. From that moment on, I was hooked.

Photo: Singing in Stop Running Away, 1988.

My father was involved in Freedom Rotary and I applied to be a Summer Exchange Student in 1988. In my application, I noted that my goal in life was to be a Professional Songwriter. This is my first memory of writing it down as something I really wanted to accomplish in my life. I worked on a song with Barbara Buday who had been staying in Northern California as an Exchange Student from Hungary and a bunch of us sang the song we wrote in front of the Rotary Convention in the San Jose area. I stayed in Liege, Belgium with the Collard Family. It was a wonderful, enriching experience.

A tradition was I sang “Heartfelt Holiday” at Deanne Dobler’s Christmas party.

I wrote a song for my brother Russ Gray’s wedding that I performed at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church called “The Marriage (Russ and Lori’s Song)” which was my first official recording studio experience. I got the idea to write the song for their wedding from Kenny Loggins, who I read did the same thing for his brother. I’ll never forget laying down the tracks for the song with the producer that day we recorded it. That was such a great experience!


Above: My ASCAP Publisher Member card.

Industry Affiliations

I would eventually join ASCAP and the Northern California Songwriters Association (which seems to be West Coast Songwriters now). I remember going to an ASCAP special event with my Aunt Donna Sargent in Los Angeles, CA. We stayed at the Beverly Hilton. Something I will never forget is seeing all the Songwriters perform their own songs. Legends like Sammy Cahn, Steve Allen, Smokey Robinson and many, many others. It was a magical night to share with my Aunt and I am very grateful to her for taking me along.Anthony Fesmire and I won a special prize one night for performing one of our songs. Anthony, while he was at Berklee eventually arranged one of the other songs called “Encore,” which he turned into a regal, almost ROYAL theme. I loved that arrangement and have it on cd somewhere.

My True Hollywood Story

In June of 1992, I moved down to Los Angeles to pursue a Music Business Administration Certificate and get the Industry Experience I desperately needed. I attended Trebas Institute of Recording Arts in the Penthouse floor of 6464 Sunset Blvd, and it was quite an adventure! Ex-Arista Records A&R Executive Ritch Esra (now Owner of Music Business Registry) taught me so much about the business and he was definitely one of the main people I looked up to when I was there. Other teachers like music veteran Steve Shore and especially the Songwriting/Music Publishing Guru John Braheny had taken me under their wings.


The Epic Records Logo, Circa 1992.

During my Second Term, I got an internship with Sony Music in the Epic Records Media Relations Dept under Director Julie Farman. Epic’s top artist at the time was Michael Jackson, but a new band that my friend Eileen Chauvet had told me just hit and that band? Pearl Jam! There would be a new band on the Epic label named Rage Against The Machine – and THOSE guys were so powerful and so great. Ann Glenn (who has since gone on to a great industry career) and I worked hard on that media campaign for Rage’s debut cd where we blasted out those press packs to everyone in the business.

My internship with Epic came to a close, and I ended up working as a Temp through London Services based on other people’s recommendation as the one that Sony Music used at the time. I worked as a Temp for one of the best Creative Directors ever, Bobby Colomby, who had been involved in my favorite Jazz singer/songwriter’s career and that person was Harry Connick, Jr. I asked Bobby while I was there if he would listen to my demo. He agreed, but he was quite hesitant about my work. I realize now, I probably broke a major rule in Temphood, but I took that shot. At least I tried. After that, I got another internship with NARAS – The Grammys Host Committee (under Liz Heller) and soon enough, I was attending Industry work breakfasts and making contacts. But something slipped inside of me and in a panic due to many things going on all at once, I drove home in the middle of a really bad rainstorm when our water was disconnected on Harvard Street in Santa Monica.My first job back home was at Pizza Hut as a delivery driver with Chris Harrington (which he helped me get). He soon left to be with his future spouse and I drifted in and out of jobs for several years.

Matt and Phil Years


The Front Page of the old Matt & Phil’s Band website. Designed by Phillip Harrington.

Phil Harrington and I started writing songs for a project we initially called “funfolk” but eventually we decided on “Matt & Phil’s Band.” A video I put together for one of our songs, “Overcast” is here. When I was living in Los Angeles the second time, I found out that my Father-In-Law’s cousin is Carol Farhat from Fox. I sent her one of the demo cd’s that I put together of some of our songs and she did listen to the demo. She said to just keep doing what we were doing. That was quite encouraging of her and I never forgot her for those kind words. As we explored our options with the recording & release of our songs, we also drifted into other avenues.

After drumming for a band called Merges, Phil has found a new band called Thirsty Curses & I highly recommend you check them out!

Above video: “Love On My Mind,” a song Barbara Lopez and I co-wrote as performed by Vocalist Elise Everett, Barbara Lopez, and her Jazz Combo band on KPIG in Watsonville, CA.

Notable Collaborations

Barbara Lopez, a piano composer at Cabrillo College, started writing songs with me because we were introduced through Anthony Fesmire. While the collaboration did not last, a few of our songs remain.

Register Pajaronian Wedding Announcement, 2002. If you look closely, you will see a nod to my Music Business ambitions – I was still writing songs with Phil Harrington at that time.


In 2002, Melanie and I were living in Silverlake and she encouraged me to go forward with my music and songwriting, so I attended Songsalive! to attempt to regain what I lost and met up with Ritch Esra there. I met a whole new group of Singers, Bands & Songwriters. I also participated in a Songwriting Camp and it was so fun. I played a song I wrote with Barbara Lopez and got feedback on it. Some loved it, some didn’t, but it felt good to be going in a direction that aligned with my music goals. The very prolific ASCAP Writer/Composer & Publisher Lisa Aschmann (Nashville Geographic) and I wrote a song together called “I Couldn’t Agree With You More,” but it has not been demoed yet. She sent me a cassette back as a scratch demo. You can listen to it here.

At the 2018 ASCAP EXPO we reunited, it was great to see her again!

Why Grandma’s Mantel Music?

I knew my Grandmothers and they were extremely proud of their Grandchildren. My Grandma, Estelle Hopkins Unruh, lived a long life and passed away at the impressive age of 104. She was the stern businesswoman type but very sweet to us boys. My intention was always to make her proud of me. She was such a special, God loving woman and she instilled a sense of faith in me that things would be OK. She encouraged my creativity. I remember she had a friend who was a Hallmark artist and we arranged to meet at her office so I could see what that career was like. She also had copies of my first books of poetry and I know I’ll miss her.

Gram Unruh & Me, 2018.

Now, writing lyrics, to me, is being like my Grandma, Jenne Porterfield Gray, in the chair by her old fireplace mantel in the family cabin in LaPorte, CA to work on her USA Today Crossword Puzzle or crochet a blanket. She no longer is there, but it is vivid in my memory and as I sit here in my front room and work on the latest lyrics, I think of her and that focus.

Gram & Gramps Gray

I think of my Grandfather, F.W. Gray who played his guitar and banjo in a combo group during the Depression Era, and who was a strong influence to me to research the older songwriters. We would sit around a campfire in front of the cabin and just enjoy life, singin’ Old Country & Western songs and he sang a song called “Jack Ass Blues,” that we found out later he didn’t write. He had a stack of old sheet music that I poured through and really learned about song structure and lyrics, and when I started researching old songwriters like Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Ira Gershwin and many others, I found my passion in life. writing songs that people would enjoy.My end goal has always been writing songs that people would enjoy. Since lyric writing is my specialty, my crutch is depending on others to bring in the theory and work with me on the arranging of my musical ideas. This is changing, I am looking at ways to increase my musical knowledge to include being able to write the music to go with my vast amounts of lyrics that I come up with regularly. I was a Writer Member of BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc). since 1994, however in 2010 I had been planning to open a Music Publisher Company Name with ASCAP called “Grandma’s Mantel Music,” and then found out that I had to transfer my Writer Membership over to ASCAP. It took a number of years for me to get around to doing this, but I resigned from BMI then joined forces with ASCAP completely in July of 2018.

Dad in Wisconsin.

My father, Kenneth D. Gray was a strong influence in my life. As a Life Coach, he coached people from all walks of life to excel and push themselves to be the best that they could be. He always wished that I could have success in business while he was alive and so did I. He passed away from cancer in August 2016. Before he passed away, I told him I was in the process of getting my music widely heard on Spotify. I told him of a few projects I had been working on and that was my way of just letting him know I was going for it!

These days, I have been submitting songs to American Songwriter contests and looking for ways to get my music out there. I feel if I am going to write lyrics, I will make sure they are put out into the universe to generate interest from the Music Industry about my overall creative abilities & talent.Something I wanted to add here is that I am open and looking forward to collaborating with others.

It would be ideal if it’s someone who is a composer/songwriter and is actively writing and recording new material. Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating!

Looking forward to hearing from you! I currently reside in Bloomington-Normal, IL with my wife Melanie and our two beautiful daughters, Grace Marie and Annie Jean. If the stars align, I could see us moving back to Los Angeles or down to Nashville so we can enjoy the fruits of my labor. But yeah, one step at a time. I’ll be looking at ways to get to future events, especially down in Nashville & out in L.A….

UPDATE! I won a 3-day All Access Badge from Ovrchr (Songbird App Maker) to the ASCAP “I create music” EXPO in Hollywood, CA which took place on May 7th, 8th, 9th 2018! It was so exciting and it was a life-changing experience for me as expected. A special THANK YOU to the Songbird app (which will be released in the App Store & Google Play Store soon) and of course, ASCAP for helping my dreams become reality!


Matthew Kenneth Gray

Special Thanks goes to all my family – Melanie Gray, Grace Gray, Annie Gray, Russ Gray, Kathy Oliver, Jeff Gray, Mark Frizzell, Larry Unruh, Estelle Unruh, Jim & Cindy Gray, Guy Gray, Donna Sargent, Laura Sargent, Josh Sargent, Skylar Sargent, Larry & Jan Rhoden, Dave & Kelly Rhoden and family, Missy & family, Cameron Gray, Claire Gray, The Baynes, Sammy & Jeanette Kahwaji, Joanne & Michel Kahwaji, Michael Kahwaji, Laura Barakat Kahwaji, Samuel Kahwaji, Anthony Kahwaji, Joseph Kahwaji, Greg & Robyn Kahwaji, Lexi Kahwaji, Kale Kahwaji, Chris/Jennifer Harrington, Phillip Harrington, Jonathan Fesmire, Anthony/Emily Fesmire, Noelle/Tony Karaki & Family, Joey/Adriana Kahwaji & Family, George Kahwaji, Kami Farhang, Laura Kahwaji, Joe/Maya Cooper, Jeniffer Oliver & Bob, Sherri & Barry Katz, The Tasos Petroutsas Family, George Petroutsas & Zoey, Anna Petroutsas (all of them), Bessie Petroutsas, Sophie Petroutsas, Ken/Anne Dobler family, The Butier Family, The Ed & Jean Kelly family, The Rojas family, The Vargas family, The Albert family, The Fesmire family, Rotary International, Northern California Songwriters Association, Broadcast Music, Inc., ASCAP, NARAS, EPIC RECORDS/SONY MUSIC, anyone who knows me or has met me and supported me in my writing, education & artistic/creative efforts – you are my heroes! Special shout out to all the lovely girls I dated along the way…. you know who you are.

In Memory: Grandpa & Gram: Paul/Estelle Unruh, Gram & Gramps: Frank/Jenne Gray, Rocky Sargent, My Parents: Kenneth/Barbara Gray, Bill Staver, Tony Bailey. So many others who passed away and had a strong influence on me: Robert Semon, Preston Matta, Sophia Gonzales, Crise Mejias, Katie Reid, Tom Gugale & my best friend, George T. Petroutsas and his father Tasos Petroutsas. Rest in peace.

Go Wildcatz!

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