Camping with Gramps

We were born in the city Didn’t know a Rainbow Trout from a Bass and we grew up going to different schools and attending mass But our parents agreed to let us spend time in LaPorte We weren’t at a sleepaway or some high-class fancy resort We were with my Dad’s Mom & Dad TheyContinue reading “Camping with Gramps”

If I Was Completely Up to You

Would my bank account be overflowing? Would I have muscles rather than fat? Would I be a gourmet chef or therapist? Would I be juggling more than one hat? Would I have a job I’ve had for years? Would I shop at Saks Fifth Avenue? What would I be like If I was completely up toContinue reading “If I Was Completely Up to You”

Being Married to Her

Being married to her is an adventure She takes me to places I haven’t been She’s kinda like my own Becky Thatcher and I’m of course her Huckleberry Finn It may not all be pink champagne and red roses Our memories are of death and graves of friends and we’ve driven through some difficult stormsContinue reading “Being Married to Her”

It May Have Been a Shithole (But It Was Home)

We lived on the other side of the tracks Where the hookers spent all night on their backs Where the hobos fell down through the cracks Where I figured out what I was gonna do Daddy, he worked out at the lumberyard and Momma had a job as a prison guard My siblings were meanContinue reading “It May Have Been a Shithole (But It Was Home)”


He was his aftershave, he wore Mom’s favorite – Bay Rum He was his passion, coaching – Great advice, he gave me some He was his religion, a Catholic through and through He was his parents who survived the Depression & World War II He was that one room schoolhouse he went to – EmigrantContinue reading “KDG”