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Smarter Than You

If you listen closely to these words
and the progressions being played
You will question your intelligence
and everything you’ve ever made

And at night you’ll lie awake
because you won’t fall asleep
And you may want to get rid of
the things you need to keep

This song
This song
This song
This song
This song is smarter than you

Why even try to outsmart these words
or detect the lesson being taught
Or go back in time to review
all the fights you’ve ever fought

And all the lies you believed
All the stories you’ve ever read
Won’t haunt you like this tune
You now can’t get outta your head

This song
This song
This song
This song
This song is smarter than you

Oh face the facts
and quietly relax
Don’t think about what you’ll do
but forget this song
This song
This song
This song
is smarter than you

But know it’s smarter
than me, too
Yeah, it’s smarter
than me, too.

August 19, 2018

Lyrics Notes: I am a big They Might Be Giants fan. I could hear John Linnell sing this one, for that voice was the one I heard as I wrote this one. The whole time the person is saying this song is smarter, but in the end, it’s smarter than everyone combined. It’s very narcissistic but it was fun to write.

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One Hell of a Song

If I am the lyrics
Then you are the music
and together we’re a song
Written by someone
Who’s having great fun
’cause we sure get along
Yeah we have those times
When my words don’t rhyme
The tune just is plain wrong
Then we get re-written
and we’re again smitten
Our chorus is concise & strong
All cause I am the lyrics
You are the music
And we’re one hell of a song

And all the crowds
They love singing it
Where we’re performed
Or randomly played
And they wonder
Who wrote us and why
And how long it took
For us to be made
We’re listened to
Over and over again
Somehow we appeal
To both women and men

If you are the music
I am the lyrics
And together we’re a tune
Lovers and strangers
Will sing us forever
In lounges and saloons
Oh we’ve had those nights
When we’ve had raging fights
Combined, we’ll always belong
Like a string ball & kitten
A child’s hand and mitten
Wakin’  & the breakin’ of dawn
For I am the lyrics
You’re are the music
And we’re one hell of a song

Oh, we’re one hell of a song

August 16, 2018

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John Denver Song

If Sunshine on your Shoulders makes you happy
and hey, it’s great for you to be Back Home Again
You Guess You’d Rather be in Colorado
’cause you just can’t miss a Starwood in Aspen
You’ve been Looking for Space with Your Sweet Lady
and it seems like you’ve gone Around and Around
All of your Memories are of The Country Girl in Paris
The Seasons of the Heart have got you down

Hey There Mr. Lonely Heart, I know what’s going on
And by the way, This Old Guitar belongs to you
You’ve just been living a John Denver song
and Love is the Master of Everything you do

So if you’re gonna be Leaving on a Jet Plane soon
Don’t think twice, I won’t ask for your Autograph
Keep living On The Wings of a Dream my friend
I hope Forest Lawn keeps making you smile and laugh
Singing Skies and Dancing Waters, you will see soon
Rhymes and Reasons are What’s on Your Mind
Go on – head To The Wild Country for a Rocky Mountain High
Poems, Prayers and Promises, you’ll leave behind

Hey There Mr. Lonely Heart, It Makes Me Giggle, too
That Downhill Stuff was so fun, so Let Us Begin
to realize living a John Denver song ain’t so bad
‘Cause his way of life was playing from win

Living a John Denver song, like “Turned out fine,”
said his good friend Werner, is playing from win.


Lyrics Notes: John Denver was always playing in our house, in the car, in the seminars we all took in our family, whether it was in est or Summit Workshops. This is why, I think, I was meant to write this. Tonight, I have to say this is a breakthrough for me. I’ve done different things like this, but this is the first time I’ve attempted to do anything with my experience of John Denver, though only through his music, to really get a hold of it and then mix it in a way to communicate such joy, a fragile and talented man’s work and how it affected me and still affects me to this day. It just had to be written tonight.

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A Songwriter’s Wage

When I was a teen I studied many, many songwriters
I wanted to know why I was drawn to that art like they were
Why I felt the need to craft stories with paper & a pen
Why I knew it would be my saving grace and cure

I kept researching the greats like Berlin, Gershwin & Porter
Their histories are and were fascinating to me back then
I used to pour through my Grandfather’s sheet music
of “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” and “Where or When”

And as I studied them, I found we had things in common
Mr. Berlin started out drawing cartoons and so did I
I began to figure out what drove them to create
and also could finally understand the reasons why

I’d stay up all night working on my early songs
and each one I wrote brought me closer to my muse
Why I now feel compelled to enter writing contests
Why it doesn’t matter to me if I win or lose

Why there’s nothing that comes close to the feeling
of inventing a tune that I can be proud to sing
Why I’d rather be writing than doing other things
like working on my serve or my really bad golf swing

And when Pete Seeger’s words stood out in one of my books
I felt so at ease about what I was looking to do
He said, “All songwriters are linked in a chain”
and that’s the reason why I’m sharing my songs with you

Perhaps you’re going through a really bad breakup
or you just want to be entertained or escape
Maybe you need to hear some encouraging words
to whip you to a better place or get into shape

Well all those hours of learning songwriting history
All those times I chose to write instead of play
turned me into someone who knows it’s essential
that I sit down to write something every day

Some people have a gift of knowing how to fix a truck
or have a passion to build houses or teach History
Maybe they are meant to farm or coach a baseball team
or go to school to learn a trade or earn a degree

But ever since I was a child growing up in Santa Cruz
I was drawn to songs and performing them on the stage
Now my only goal beyond being a good husband and Dad
is to make a life by earning a songwriter’s wage

I’m looking forward to earning a songwriter’s wage.


About Songs

The Songs We Love To Hear

They make us laugh
They make us cry
They remind us of the dreams
We had when we were high
They make us sad
They make us glad
They remind us of the love
We wish we had
They are the songs we love to hear
And they’ll never disappear
To me it’s so very clear
They’ve helped me battle my fear
Those songs we love to hear
They’re stuck inside my brain
Some express joy and others’ pain
Some are by the writers of today
And some are in the Public Domain
Songs like America the Beautiful
And God Bless the USA
Also, Alexander’s Ragtime Band
And I Wanna Hold Your Hand
What’s New Pussycat?
and Love is a Splendored Thing
I Get a Kick Out of You –
And the Angels Sing
The list goes on and on
It’s a worldwide phenomenon
Those tunes we love to croon
About the sun and the silvery moon
They are in the fabric of why we are
And of the ones we love, near and far
We love blasting them in our homes
And singing them in the shower or car
We dance to them at the local bar
They play them at the baseball game
Once we hear them
We’re never, ever the same
They are the songs we love to hear
New ones are written every year
To me, they’re all so sincere
They’ve helped me break through my fear
The songs we love to hear
The songs we love to hear.