Parents’ Home Date

The popcorn’s made, it’s in a white plastic bowl It’s a home date, he’s gotta keep it under control He’s gotta show her he cares, but stay kinda cool but she’s already changed into a suit for the pool He picked out a movie, she wants to go swimmin’ She’s flirty like a lot ofContinue reading “Parents’ Home Date”

How Will It End?

Will we come to the agreementThat we’ll never choose to agreeWill I abruptly leave youOr will you coldly abandon me Will I fall to the seductionOf someone else’s charmsOr will you find happinessIn another caring man’s arms How will it endThe story of you and IHow will it endWill we say goodbyeOr will we stickContinue reading “How Will It End?”

Not a Big Deal

V1 We went over to the park that afternoon And sat there on a bench by the pond She came up with quite a few reasons Why by month’s end, she wanted me gone I looked down at my summer sandals I knew truth from her heart was revealed And I tried to hide whatContinue reading “Not a Big Deal”

Her Happy Place

When she’s had a hard day When she can’t even speak When she’s running on empty So depressed, afraid and weak It’s right there on her face I offer her a warm embrace And become her happy place And when she wants to talk She really needs to vent Maybe it’s work or the kidsContinue reading “Her Happy Place”

Mama He’s Not Right

Well, I got off early from my dead end job And I headed to my girl’s parents’ place And they didn’t hear me let myself in I heard her sister state her case Saying, Mama, he’s not right Something’s wrong with that guy I heard he gets drunk and high Don’t you turn a blindContinue reading “Mama He’s Not Right”

Meadow in the Moonlight

In a meadow in the moonlightWhere the rabbits fall asleepWe laid down on a blanketAnd we both started to weep For we were so grateful to be aliveA good friend of ours recently diedIt was the passing of our innocenceThat night our souls became tied The stars above us were alignedAs we spoke of howContinue reading “Meadow in the Moonlight”

The Proposal Song

I don’t want to love someone out of spite I just wanna be yours, your only Mr. Right I wanna love you dear with all of my might, Oh, I just wanna be your man, your Mr. Right There you are, coming up with excuses again Sayin’ you only can be my closest friend YouContinue reading “The Proposal Song”

When We Make Love She Cries

She’s done all kinds of therapyThe kind I’m never there forWhen she’s done I pick her upShe stays silent & I’m still sore There’s things she won’t tell meThe kind of things I need to knowWithout intimacy in our marriageThere’s no trust & nowhere to go And when we make love she criesAnd I thinkContinue reading “When We Make Love She Cries”

Darker Shade of Blue

Well, I’ve tried to make it right with you And you tend to pick a fight nightly It’s a vicious pattern and problematic This isn’t the way love’s supposed to be They say opposites attract & go together Like the sandy shore & temperamental sea Well you’ve been like those big ol’ waves Relentlessly crashingContinue reading “Darker Shade of Blue”