I Just Want My Brother Back

We would go down to the creek and dip our feet in Those were just little walks but are good memories I remember he was the one who told me about them busy hummingbirds and bumblebees He’d let me go through all his records and tapes I’d spend hours studying the liner notes and learnContinue reading “I Just Want My Brother Back”

What Have You Done With Her?

V1 Believe it or not, I’m not angry at you for whatever it is you two have done She doesn’t know I’m meeting you here She thinks I’ve come to the city for fun I’m sure you’re wonderin’ how I know The way I found out about your affair There was a day a coupleContinue reading “What Have You Done With Her?”

Here, Take My Bike

She was frantically runnin’ late To work early in the mornin’ And she couldn’t find her keys I said, “You can’t take the truck, The tank is almost on empty And needs some antifreeze.” She was in a mess, Wasn’t wearing a dress So, I told her with a smile She could take my HarleyContinue reading “Here, Take My Bike”

There Went That Plan

Now that she’s told me, the air is clear She’s chosen to move out, and I’m drinkin’ this beer Soul searchin’ the reasons why I’m not her man There goes my baby, there went that plan We gave it our best effort, all that we had Instead of workin’, it turned out so bad IContinue reading “There Went That Plan”

Second in Command

You’re the craziest woman I’ll ever know But I really don’t want you to go ’cause I love hearing your point of view and I promise I won’t ever leave you I see the beauty of you behind your eyes Inside of you is a soul that is wise From what you’ve said I thinkContinue reading “Second in Command”

It’s What You Did Right

For Barbara J. Gray (Mom) You worked so darn hard Raising us kids to be good During those younger years You both did the best you could We were rambunctious as hell Rebels of our neighborhood But you accepted the call and you understood important things in life like how we’d end up to beContinue reading “It’s What You Did Right”