If This Ain’t Winnin’, Losin’ Ain’t So Bad

Heard through a friend of mine the other day I was brought up in a Facebook conversation A girl I haven’t seen since we graduated in ‘87 Resorted to assumption and speculation She said I was pathetic ‘n unsuccessful And I’ll be one until I pass away someday I gotta say I giggled for aContinue reading “If This Ain’t Winnin’, Losin’ Ain’t So Bad”

The Early Eighties

I wasn’t of age to drink But I was old enough to drive Every time I left my hometown I felt independent and alive Met girls up in the city While clubbin’ late at night I’d get home in the mornin’ Then my parents and I would fight In the early Eighties I wasn’t anContinue reading “The Early Eighties”

Who Am I To Complain?

Took a walk on the path we’d stroll down The wind in my palm replaced your hand I closed my eyes and fondly remembered when we kissed as teens on the sand And I thought about the memories we made I reflected on the good times we had then Tears weaved their way down myContinue reading “Who Am I To Complain?”

The Kind of Love That’ll Never Leave

She was driving to her job in her Chevy SUV The one her and her husband bought Last October their old Ford broke down All she knew was it cost them a lot And as she pulled into the parking garage where she was protected from the rain She started reviewing her memories of theContinue reading “The Kind of Love That’ll Never Leave”

Annie & Riley

He was sitting under a tree with a journal on his knee and writing another line Up walked Annie Jean with hair so fine and clean to talk with him under that Georgia pine She said, “Hi, I’m Annie Jean You know my friend Kathleen We all are in the same English class” He said,Continue reading “Annie & Riley”

They Might Be Townies

When we’re at Starbucks Talking about our lives We’re surrounded by Husbands and wives Of people we work with or know That’s not what concerns me the most The trouble is, they might be townies and they’re standing too close They could be listening to us And telling their friends & families What we sayContinue reading “They Might Be Townies”

All Kidding Aside (The Mama’s Boy Song)

I’ve always been a jokester The class clown, The life-coaster The kid in the back lookin’ out the window And when I got to High School I was the scrawny geek in the pool who was awkward, teased ‘n called a weirdo The girls liked me but didn’t see me that way I was aContinue reading “All Kidding Aside (The Mama’s Boy Song)”

If I Was Completely Up to You

Would my bank account be overflowing? Would I have muscles rather than fat? Would I be a gourmet chef or therapist? Would I be juggling more than one hat? Would I have a job I’ve had for years? Would I shop at Saks Fifth Avenue? What would I be like If I was completely up toContinue reading “If I Was Completely Up to You”

On The Cover of People Magazine

Well, Shel Silverstein wrote a song for Dr. Hook about wanting to be on the cover of Rolling Stone And while it would be an honor to be on it, There’s another magazine that’s very well known It’s been quite popular for years and years It’s visible while in the Supermarket checkout line So ifContinue reading “On The Cover of People Magazine”