BloNo Blues

I’m two hours from Chicago, Illinois
Trying to turn into a man from a boy
At a school both my parents went to
How I wish they instinctively knew

Coming here was their decision, not mine
In these Twin Cities I’ll never be fine

Got the BloNo Blues
Got the BloNo Blues
I can’t shake these
Hard to handle
BloNo Blues

I’m failing all my college classes
I lost my expensive sunglasses
And my job, it sure does suck
So does this rusted beater truck

And everybody thinks I’ve got money
I’m on meds to stay sane and funny

Yet I’ve got the BloNo Blues
I’ve got the BloNo Blues
I can’t escape
These devastating
BloNo Blues

Nobody wants to get to know the real me
I’d rather be livin’ back home with my family
I could work for Dad to help lighten his load
It’s like I’ve been guided to the wrong road

I’ve got the BloNo Blues
I’ve got the BloNo Blues
And oh, I hate
This is my fate
I didn’t choose
I’m so afraid I’ll never lose

These BloNo Blues
These BloNo Blues
These BloNo Blues
These BloNo Blues

July 2, 2018



My girlfriend – she walked out that door
and never looked back again
I’ve been itchin’ to write some songs
but I can’t seem to find a pen

Got a job last year I can’t stand
but it’s the best one I’ve ever had
My redemption is things happen to me
but none of it is half that bad

I got the #FAKEBLUES
I got the #FAKEBLUES
It’s all pretend
I’ve been on the mend
‘Cause I bought new shoes
May not know where I’m goin’
but I know I just won’t lose
Cause I’m makin’ a-livin’
Singin’ these #FAKEBLUES

My pickup truck’s got a flat tire
Mama never calls me right back
Daddy didn’t teach me a damn thing
and there’s so much stuff I lack

My children are kinda crazy
My day-job boss hates my guts
and Trump on @Twitter yesterday
called me a loser and a putz

I got the #FAKENEWS
I got the #FAKENEWS
I really don’t give a crap
if I lost my baseball cap
or if I have to pay my dues
My problems, they are minimal
since I stopped drinkin’ that booze
and started learnin’ to play guitar
so I could sing this real #FAKEBLUES

It’s somethin’ I choose
Singin’ these real #FAKEBLUES

I’m one with my muse
as I’m singin’ these #FAKEBLUES

January 19, 2018

Lyrics Notes: I was really inspired to write something because my wife and I saw Paul Thorn for the first time last night. This is kind of my second shot at writing something that I think he would enjoy or for that matter, someone else like Todd Snider. KPIG (Freedom, CA) is one of those stations that kind of is burned into my brain and this goes right along with what I could see KPIG playing. Enjoy