And Then I Met You

I knew girls who were so nice
but not many went out with me twice
All I was dreaming of was paradise
And then I met you
There were those who I got to know
and they didn’t go with the flow
So I was searching high and low
And then I met you

You were different
You were funnier
Oh, so much funnier than me
But you loved my humor
You loved my romantic inclinations
and that night we didn’t disagree

All those girls who I met
tossed me like a used cigarette
I was filled with pain and regret
I walked into the Buena Vista all wet
I was down to my last gutsy bet
I was there to meet a different brunette
And then I met you

You were so quirky
You were classier
Oh, so much classier than me
But you loved my cologne
You loved my little observations
You were the one, turns out I’d need

I was there and she was late
In fact, she blew off our date
but I’m a firm believer in fate
I thought she was my soulmate
The one who’d appreciate
my proposal on the Golden Gate
And then I met you
And then I met incredible you.

January 8, 2018


All In

Put this in your pipe and smoke it
I’m all in, I’m fascinated by you
We see eye to eye on most everything
Baby, you’re a dream come true

I’ve been here
I’ve been there
I’ve even stayed home
So I know
enough to know
My road to love won’t end up in Rome
You’re under my skin
I play to win
So sweetheart
I’m all in

Take this and put it in your soul
I’m all in, I’m here for the taking
Let me know now if I’m too lowbrow
and if this isn’t gravy we’re making

I’ve seen
what I’ve seen
I’ve done
what I’ve done
My only regret my sugar is we’ve just begun
Through thick and thin
It’ll take discipline
and no more livin’ in sin
You’re my boo
and I’m all in
how about you?

I’m all in, my sweet boo –
How about you?