Crushing Crush

There’s a girl I’ve known since I was seventeen Has an aquatic blue eye and another that’s green She’s not the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen but she’s the one I was crushing on back then I was dating others who were nothing like her Whether they liked me or not, I wasn’t that sure […]

Smarter Than You

If you listen closely to these words and the progressions being played You will question your intelligence and everything you’ve ever made And at night you’ll lie awake because you won’t fall asleep And you may want to get rid of the things you need to keep This song This song This song This song […]

She Did Her Thing

Inspired by Vivian Maier They found a bunch of photographs taken by someone from the past Little did they know the value of them would increase so flippin’ fast There were pictures of characters There were self-portraits too There were shots of children playing and the finders knew just what to do They cleaned ’em […]