I’m No Longer Nostalgic For You

I used to look back with fond memories
of when you and I dated back then
I’d sit and look through your letters
and photos of us over and over again

But one day somethin’ snapped in me
Thinkin’ of you no longer made me feel blue
So darlin’ as you listen to this song
Know I’m no longer nostalgic for you

I’m no longer thinkin’ of your kisses
Or your pretty little porcelain face
Or the way you would hold on to me
in the stands as we’d watch a NASCAR race
I’m no longer wonderin’ where you are
Now you’ve found another good man
I’m no longer nostalgic for you, babe
I’m just lovin’ her the best I can

You used to tell me time and again, girl
That I’d remember us and what we did;
All those passionate nights at the lake house
That time you got pregnant with our kid

You miscarried – We quickly found ourselves
relieved and we decided we were through
Then we both started seeing other people
We both knew we had to find someone new

Now I’m no longer thinkin’ of your kisses
Or your sweet chocolate doe shaped eyes
Or the way you would look at me
as I’d stare up at the star filled sky
You said I was too much of a dreamer
and I’d never make it big with my band
Well, I’m no longer nostalgic for you babe
cause my daughter is my number one fan

And you can go on peacefully knowing
I’ve gotten over you and moved on
So don’t be nostalgic for me babe
What we had is now dead and gone

No honey, don’t be nostalgic for me
What we had is now dead and gone

November 16, 2018


Crushing Crush

There’s a girl I’ve known since I was seventeen
Has an aquatic blue eye and another that’s green
She’s not the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen
but she’s the one I was crushing on back then

I was dating others who were nothing like her
Whether they liked me or not, I wasn’t that sure
What I do know is I was lonely, awkward & immature
and she was the one I was crushing on back then

She was told I was obsessing from a friend of a friend
We hung out for lunch when her heart was on the mend
and I shared with her a poem I had recently penned
before she became the one I was crushing on back then

Last I heard she moved to Jersey with a guy who she met
while they were still in college, now he’s a Navy Vet
And I wish I could erase that memory I just can’t forget
of the moment I found out she only dated older men
How I was crushed by the one I was crushing on back then
How I was crushed by the one I was crushing on back then

October 23, 2018

She’s Datin’ a Bad Boy

Her grades began to slip
from A’s & B’s to C’s & D’s
Her current choice of schoolboy
won’t give her fond memories
He’s been makin’ her feel guilty
He don’t respect her one bit
He’s a cocky lil’ sumbitch
Born to end up a misfit

She’s datin’ a bad boy
Oh, he’s not gonna be Mister Right
Ah, but she don’t know any different
so she loves him with all her might
She’s datin’ a greaseball
And he knows she’s outta his league
Cause he can’t help bein’ a bad boy
and she can’t help bein’ intrigued

Up nightly on her phone
maybe one day she’ll learn
Instead of taking care of her
He’ll go and never return
Maybe they’ll end up with a baby
and another one on the way
Then he’ll pick a fight & take off
but she’ll be wishin’ he’d stay

She’s datin’ a bad boy
Oh, he’s never gonna be “The One”
You can see it right in his icy eyes
He’ll eventually cut and run
She’s datin’ a scumbag
And he knows he don’t deserve her
Cause he can’t help bein’ a runner
They could be like her Mom & I were…

Maybe she thinks he’s a fixer-upper
Maybe he’ll change his reckless ways
Maybe she knows he’s just actin’ out
and he’s just goin’ through a phase
They could get thru all the hardships
Maybe they’ll learn from their mistakes
Guess I should just be there for her
Just in case her young heart breaks

She’s growin’ up and can date him
It’s not worth a damaging fight
Who am I to meddle with the little man
He’s someone like me who holds her tight
Maybe under all that stuff he wears
right down to the familiar Converse shoes
He’s no crazy tattooed biker dude
and I’m pickin’ up on all the wrong clues

She’s told me to stay out of it
so that’s what I’m gonna do
This bad boy turned Dad of hers knows
he’s got a lot to live up to

This bad boy turned Dad of hers knows
the inner pain that kid is goin’ through

She’s datin’ a bad boy…

October 6, 2018

Parents’ Home Date

The popcorn’s made, it’s in a white plastic bowl
It’s a home date, he’s gotta keep it under control
He’s gotta show her he cares, but stay kinda cool
but she’s already changed into a suit for the pool
He picked out a movie, she wants to go swimmin’
She’s flirty like a lot of older attractive women
He wonders if he’s too square ‘n he’s not her style
But somethin’ sparks inside him when she smiles

Her parents are out of town, it’s the perfect chance
for her to see if this guy is up for a horizontal dance
He knows a gentleman would likely take a stance
that he should focus on love, not a fast romance

He says he cares for her, he wants to take it slow
She says she’s in love with him ‘n lets him know
She’s not gonna bite him, or hurt his eager heart
Yet it’s not like they promised ’til death do they part
and he says OK, he changed into his tight swimsuit
In the meantime, she references a bamboo flute
He’s nervous as hell, ’cause her game is on fleek
Her arms are around his neck ‘n she kisses his cheek

Her lips are crimson ‘n soft now as they’re kissing hard
They’re getting hot ‘n heavy, maybe going too far
She’s really excited, purrin’ like a sports car
Lickin’ his chest ‘n neck, like he’s her ice cream bar

It kinda scares him a little, she’s so forward ‘n fun
She’s really experienced, yet he’s the chosen one
She could be with anyone, she’s the foxy kind
‘n he’s telling himself inside she’s out of her mind
Then they hear a familiar car pull up in the drive
It’s the scariest moment he’s had in his teenage life
But he isn’t stopping ‘n neither will she
It’s over before they know it ‘n they’re home free

They opened the front door, he went out the back gate
They say she should come inside, it’s getting so late
He texts her a message, he’ll pick her up around eight
‘n she’s thinking she’s found her long-lasting soulmate

She’s thinking she’s found
her long-lasting soulmate
on their passionate,
not so innocent,
sexy, fun-filled,
secret parents’ home date

September 18, 2018

Not a Big Deal

We went over to the park that afternoon
And sat there on a bench by the pond
She came up with quite a few reasons
Why by month’s end, you wanted me gone

I looked down at my summer sandals
I knew truth from her heart was revealed
And I tried to hide what I felt inside
Then said, that’s ok, it’s not a big deal

Chorus 1
It’s not a big deal
I’ll be all right
I’ll find someone else
To hold me tight
To listen to me
And care about how I feel
Don’t you worry, babe
It’s not a big deal

During my drive to Santa Cruz
‘n listening to a David Wilcox tape
I wasn’t cryin’ but I wasn’t happy
I felt she preplanned my escape

On Highway 17 during rush hour
A nail popped my front right wheel
I told myself I’d get through it
Said I’d be fine, not a big deal

Chorus 2
It’s not a big deal
I’ll call up a tow truck
They’ll be up here soon
I’m not eternally stuck
I’ve got a spare in the back,
Leftovers of last night’s meal
When a woman stopped, I said
It’s not a big deal

But she said my head was bleeding
And could get me quickly to emergency
And I looked into her smoky mocha eyes
Sure enough, it was all meant to be

The girl who pulled over ‘n rescued me
She’s now my wife and we have a girl
And I wouldn’t trade my experience
For all the silver and gold in the world

Sometimes she’ll say she’s runnin’ late,
Her workload lately has been so unreal
I smile as I tell her over the phone,
We’ll get our supper, it’s not a big deal

Last Chorus
It’s not a big deal
We’ll be all right
I’ll take her to get
Burgers and fries
‘n Hawaiian punch
I’m not gonna appeal
Don’t you worry, babe
It’s not a big deal

No, don’t you worry babe
It’s not a big deal
Not a big deal

September 5, 2018

Mama He’s Not Right

Well, I got off early from my dead end job
And I headed to my girl’s parents’ place
And they didn’t hear me let myself in
I heard her sister state her case

Mama, he’s not right
Something’s wrong with that guy
I heard he gets drunk and high
Don’t you turn a blind eye
Don’t let her out of the house tonight
Mama he may be polite
But I’ve heard sis and him fight
His beater car is a pigsty
I think he only has a clip on tie
Ohhhh, Mama, he’s not right

So I quietly let myself out
And I went to the local pub
It was Thirsty Thursday
I was ready for beers n grub

Sure enough, there she was
My girl and some biker dude
She said “Oh he’s just a friend”
And “You’ve ruined my mood”

And I said
Baby, he’s not right
Something’s wrong with that guy
He’s already drunk and high
He’s givin’ me the stink eye
Don’t go home with him tonight
Baby, he don’t look polite
And he sure wants to fight
His home is likely a pigsty
He likely don’t own a tie
Ohhhh baby, he’s not right

Then I found myself in a big pickle
One that forever changed my life
I was gonna have to alter things
If I was gonna attract a potential wife

So she’d say
Mama, he’s just so right
He’s a bit flawed but good guy
He doesn’t get drunk or high
In fact he has an artistic eye
And she’d be home every night
We’d make up after each fight
Even if our place was a pigsty
And I had a few nice ties
I’m sick of them sayin’
That I ain’t right

I wanna be that good man
Whose wife is hugging tight
And when we’re under the sheets
We’d explode like fireworks & dynomite

And she’ll say
Mama, you’re wrong,
For me, he’s very, very right.

August 15, 2018

Oh Steubenville

It was the Summer before I started freshman year
I was invited to go on a week-long religious retreat
Thought it was neat that my church sponsored me
Maybe Jesus Christ was who I would meet

A small group including my best friend and me
Got on that jet plane and flew through the sky
And we ended up at a college campus in Ohio
It was then, when I discovered my own why

It was bright green
and it was fun
It was peaceful all around
And I loved
When we sang
I’d close my eyes
And hear the sweet harmony
I knew right then and there
On that glorious grassy hill
I’d remember those moments spent
In Steubenville, Oh, Steubenville…

Met a tall girl there who I really liked a lot
She had bright blue-green eyes and a pixie cut
Her name was Tracy, she was from Toronto, Canada
She held my hand tight and I hoped it was love

We kept in touch by mail after we both got home
But we slowly stopped writing letters as much
And when I started my awkward Freshman year
I started longing for another young girl’s touch

Who I had seen
In PE class
And I saw her
At every Sunday mass
And as we sang
I’d close my eyes
And hear the sweet harmony
I knew right then and there
It gave me a familiar thrill
It was like when I was with my friends
In Steubenville, Oh, Steubenville

It was on a December night out on the road
When he decided to pull over to take a nap
See, he’d been driving all night with a load
And in an instant, something fell into his lap

He was distracted and the ice hit his tires
He swerved, his truck wound upside down
I was asked to be a pallbearer at his funeral
So I flew out there to our humble hometown

We all wore black
I hurt inside
His Dad and Mom
and his little sister cried
But as we sang in harmony
I knew right then and there
I’d find comfort and always will
cherish all those memories we made
In Steubenville, Oh, Steubenville

It was the Summer before my Freshman year
I was invited to attend a week-long religious retreat
Thought it was neat that my church sponsored me
Maybe Jesus Christ was who I would meet
in Steubenville… Oh, Steubenville.

August 5, 2018

Lyrics Notes: In these lyrics, I explore the time I went to a Charismatic Youth Group Conference in Steubenville with a small group of High Schoolers and our Youth Group leaders. In this case, I wanted to add in a couple things. I fell for this girl there from Canada and that was pretty neat but I wanted to add something into the story that kinda brings it all together and the only thing I thought of was to add in a death of someone who went with us. This is a character but it has someone I deeply relate to… and it does reframe what happened on that trip but the idea is still the same and I look to move people and find common themes for people to relate to. It’s kind of a Christian “growing up song.” It is supposed to prompt the listener maybe into calling that person who impacted your life when you were young. Life is too short to not reach out to people who are special to you.