The Kind of Love That’ll Never Leave

She was driving to her job in her Chevy SUV
The one her and her husband bought
Last October their old Ford broke down
All she knew was it cost them a lot

And as she pulled into the parking garage
where she was protected from the rain
She started reviewing her memories
of the old trauma that caused her pain

Her eyes filled up with tears
as she remembered the years
when she was a teen
filled with hope yet naive
She dreamed of meeting a man
like John from Duran Duran
He’d give her the kind of love
that would never leave, oh…
He’d give her the kind of love
that would never leave

She wiped her cheeks and cocoa eyes
Gathered herself and went inside
She had a busy schedule planned
Had no time to be preoccupied

She scanned through her work email
There was one sent from her best friend
Said her husband abandoned her
and wanted to go out that weekend

Her eyes filled up with tears
as she thought about the years
When they were all in school
And she met a guy named Steve
He was a sensitive artist type
who looked like Michael Stipe
She gave him the kind of love
that would never leave, oh…
She gave him the kind of love
that would never leave

But he didn’t give back to her
He took and then went on his way
Moved on in the middle of a night
He sold things she gave him on eBay

She would cry herself to sleep and
think about things they liked to do
Then she mustered up the courage
to go out the night she met you

I had never seen her so happy before
She was excited about what you had
You encouraged her inner strength
and reminded her so much of her Dad
As we sit here in her favorite diner
I think about the memories we made
Especially from last Christmas Eve
I know you’d agree, she left us with
The kind of love that’ll never leave

Oh, that freezing night she left us with
the kind of love that’ll never leave.

January 12, 2018


And Then I Met You

I knew girls who were so nice
but not many went out with me twice
All I was dreaming of was paradise
And then I met you
There were those who I got to know
and they didn’t go with the flow
So I was searching high and low
And then I met you

You were different
You were funnier
Oh, so much funnier than me
But you loved my humor
You loved my romantic inclinations
and that night we didn’t disagree

All those girls who I met
tossed me like a used cigarette
I was filled with pain and regret
I walked into the Buena Vista all wet
I was down to my last gutsy bet
I was there to meet a different brunette
And then I met you

You were so quirky
You were classier
Oh, so much classier than me
But you loved my cologne
You loved my little observations
You were the one, turns out I’d need

I was there and she was late
In fact, she blew off our date
but I’m a firm believer in fate
I thought she was my soulmate
The one who’d appreciate
my proposal on the Golden Gate
And then I met you
And then I met incredible you.

January 8, 2018

Annie & Riley

He was sitting under a tree
with a journal on his knee
and writing another line
Up walked Annie Jean
with hair so fine and clean
to talk with him under that Georgia pine

She said, “Hi, I’m Annie Jean
You know my friend Kathleen
We all are in the same English class”
He said, “Hi, I’m Riley”
then he looked down shyly
as he pulled out a couple blades of grass

He was awkward around the young ladies
She asked him if he had plans for Sadie’s
He looked at her and asked “What’s that?”
“It’s a dance, silly” she responded
On his “OK, I’ll go with you,” they bonded
Then walked up his closest friend Matt

Riley gave Annie the number to his cell
They exchanged emails as well
She said she’d call him later on that night
As she got up and said her goodbye
Matt asked Riley if he was high
To Matt, it didn’t see quite right

Annie & Riley went to Sadie’s and Prom
Their relationship was very calm
but it changed as some eventually do
Annie was driving late that summer eve
The other car, it didn’t weave
And Annie’s life was through

Riley graduated the following year
and couldn’t choose school or a career
So he ended up working on a farm
At night he’d go to a cafe’
and he’d stay late writing away
He just didn’t want to do anyone harm

Riley still goes back to that Georgia pine
every year with a nice bottle of wine
and thinks about what could have been
He ponders on the plans they made
that afternoon, in the shade
and the fountain’s reflection shining on her skin.


They Might Be Townies

When we’re at Starbucks
Talking about our lives
We’re surrounded by
Husbands and wives

Of people we work with or know
That’s not what concerns me the most
The trouble is, they might be townies
and they’re standing too close

They could be listening to us
And telling their friends & families
What we say in there every day
could get burned into their memories
They could find out all our secrets
Use them against us all over town
They might be townies
who might be writing all of it down

When we’re at Kroger
standing at the checkout line
Don’t tell your stories
Just nod and say you’re fine

They could be collecting info
Not only that, they could be wired
Because they might be townies
and they never will be fired

For recording conversations with non-locals
This could be a Stepford Wives kind of city
Where they want everyone to be the same
You’re out if you’re not athletic or pretty

They could be listening to us
And telling their friends & families
What we say in there every day
could get burned into their memories
They could find out all our secrets
Use them against us all over town
They might be townies
who might be writing all of it down

They might be townies
who might be writing all of it down.

January 3, 2018

With apologies to John Flansburgh and John Linnell of They Might Be Giants. Still, I hope you enjoy it and it would be an honor if you wrote the music.


He was his aftershave, he wore Mom’s favorite – Bay Rum
He was his passion, coaching – Great advice, he gave me some
He was his religion, a Catholic through and through
He was his parents who survived the Depression and World War II

He was that one room schoolhouse he went to – Emigrant Gap
He was his favorite San Francisco 49ers baseball cap
He was all three boys of his, that includes yours truly
He was more than a slight improvement to our family tree

He had a smile that brightened even the saddest of days
He made time for me a lot, we’d go on little getaways
He was the only Father I’d ever wanted and had
He liked it when I called him “Pops” or “Dad”

We both were right handers, unlike my Mom & brothers
When he was with me, he wasn’t thinkin’ ‘bout his druthers
Now I look at both my daughters and I hope they’ll see
The Dad I’ve always hoped I could be

He was those cashmere V Neck sweaters he’d wear a lot
He was those aloha shirts he wore when it would get hot
He was the kind of man who was always cookin’ up a plan
and he was a dedicated San Francisco Giants fan

He was that man who many went to for advice or just to talk
His point of view was like the cliffs near the Boardwalk
He was the deck he built with Gramps when I was a child
When he was laughing, I’d laugh, and when he smiled, I smiled

When he was in his bed during his last dying days
I’d look at his eyes, he had a glossy gray gaze
There were stickers with visitors names up on a board
On the last day I saw him, I told him he should run to the Lord

His initials were KDG, his name was Kenneth David Gray
He is a huge reason why I am the man you see today
He taught me about tennis, about how great life can be
I was so glad he was alive to enjoy my family

Now, my daughters, they talk about him, they miss him a lot
For he was our fearless leader and yet he wasn’t a big shot
He was a good man through and through, did the best he could
I am thankful for what he taught me during my childhood

And as I sit here tonight in the front room of our house
I think about the time he introduced my girls to Mickey Mouse
I think about all our good times and memories
He may be gone for good, but he’s guiding me

My Dad, My dear Father, My good friend – Good ol’ KDG.


Inspired by my Father, Kenneth David Gray. I think that says it all.