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Parents’ Home Date

The popcorn’s made, it’s in a white plastic bowl
It’s a home date, he’s gotta keep it under control
He’s gotta show her he cares, but stay kinda cool
but she’s already changed into a suit for the pool
He picked out a movie, she wants to go swimmin’
She’s flirty like a lot of older attractive women
He wonders if he’s too square ‘n he’s not her style
But somethin’ sparks inside him when she smiles

Her parents are out of town, it’s the perfect chance
for her to see if this guy is up for a horizontal dance
He knows a gentleman would likely take a stance
that he should focus on love, not a fast romance

He says he cares for her, he wants to take it slow
She says she’s in love with him ‘n lets him know
She’s not gonna bite him, or hurt his eager heart
Yet it’s not like they promised ’til death do they part
and he says OK, he changed into his tight swimsuit
In the meantime, she references a bamboo flute
He’s nervous as hell, ’cause her game is on fleek
Her arms are around his neck ‘n she kisses his cheek

Her lips are crimson ‘n soft now as they’re kissing hard
They’re getting hot ‘n heavy, maybe going too far
She’s really excited, purrin’ like a sports car
Lickin’ his chest ‘n neck, like he’s her ice cream bar

It kinda scares him a little, she’s so forward ‘n fun
She’s really experienced, yet he’s the chosen one
She could be with anyone, she’s the foxy kind
‘n he’s telling himself inside she’s out of her mind
Then they hear a familiar car pull up in the drive
It’s the scariest moment he’s had in his teenage life
But he isn’t stopping ‘n neither will she
It’s over before they know it ‘n they’re home free

They opened the front door, he went out the back gate
They say she should come inside, it’s getting so late
He texts her a message, he’ll pick her up around eight
‘n she’s thinking she’s found her long-lasting soulmate

She’s thinking she’s found
her long-lasting soulmate
on their passionate,
not so innocent,
sexy, fun-filled,
secret parents’ home date

September 18, 2018

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How Will It End?

Will we come to the agreement
That we’ll never choose to agree
Will I abruptly leave you
Or will you coldly abandon me

Will I fall to the seduction
Of someone else’s charms
Or will you find happiness
In another caring man’s arms

How will it end
The story of you and I
How will it end
Will we say goodbye
Or will we stick it out
Through the bad & the good
Or will it end with us saying
We did the best we could
If we both have intentions
To protect, care for, and defend
This relationship we have
Then we already know how,
Yes, we already know how it will end

Will we think it’s all over and
Cash in our measly chips
So we can try to find true love
In another’s eyes and lips

Is the promise that we made
One we’ll never break
Or was it only a lie we believed
Is this all one big mistake

How will it end
The story of me and you
How will it end
Will we stay forever true
Or will we break apart
Forget what we’ve done right
Or will it end as an accident
And together we’ll head to the light
If we both have the courage
To stay lovers and best friends
Then we already know how
And there is no reason to care when
We’ll just love each other ’til then
And maybe, just maybe it won’t end

Maybe there’s no way, no how
no how, our love will never end
My thought is, my love,
you and I were meant to be, eternally
There’s no way in hell our love ends

There’s no way in hell our love ends

September 9, 2018

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Not a Big Deal


We went over to the park that afternoon

And sat there on a bench by the pond

She came up with quite a few reasons

Why by month’s end, she wanted me gone

I looked down at my summer sandals

I knew truth from her heart was revealed

And I tried to hide what I felt inside

Then said, that’s ok, it’s not a big deal

Chorus 1

It’s not a big deal

I’ll be all right

I’ll find someone else

To hold me tight

To listen to me

And care about how I feel

Don’t you worry, babe

It’s not a big deal


During my drive to Santa Cruz

‘n listening to a David Wilcox tape

I wasn’t cryin’ but I wasn’t happy

I felt she preplanned my escape

On Highway 17 during rush hour

A nail popped my front right wheel

I told myself I’d get through it

Said I’d be fine, not a big deal

Chorus 2

It’s not a big deal

I’ll call up a tow truck

They’ll be up here soon

I’m not eternally stuck

I’ve got a spare in the back,

Leftovers of last night’s meal

When a woman stopped, I said

It’s not a big deal


But she said my head was bleeding

And could get me quickly to emergency

And I looked into her smoky mocha eyes

Sure enough, it was all meant to be


The girl who pulled over ‘n rescued me

She’s now my wife and we have a girl

And I wouldn’t trade my experience

For all the silver and gold in the world

Sometimes she’ll say she’s runnin’ late,

Her workload lately has been so unreal

I smile as I tell her over the phone,

We’ll get our supper, it’s not a big deal

Last Chorus

It’s not a big deal

We’ll be all right

I’ll take her to get

Burgers and fries

‘n Hawaiian punch

I’m not gonna appeal

Don’t you worry, babe

It’s not a big deal

No, don’t you worry babe

It’s not a big deal

Not a big deal

September 5, 2018

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Her Happy Place

When she’s had a hard day
When she can’t even speak
When she’s running on empty
So depressed, afraid and weak
It’s right there on her face
I offer her a warm embrace
And become her happy place

And when she wants to talk
She really needs to vent
Maybe it’s work or the kids
That’s caused her to be bent
I don’t go down our staircase
Or mess around in cyberspace
I become her happy place

I hold her tight
I say it’ll be all right
When she cries
I don’t criticize
I recognize
Her deep need
To be understood
I look into her eyes
And improvise
Words to catalyze
I empathize
And she smiles
Says I smell good

When it’s our bedtime
And our kids are asleep
And she looks over to me
But there’s not a peep
It’s right there on her face
Blessing me with her grace
Bein’ my happy place

Then I hold her tight
Out goes the light
And she reminds
me I’m her prize
Out of all the guys
Nothing materialized
But the one she
Wasn’t sure would
And I smile inside
With silent pride
Knowing she’s satisfied
Cause she’ll confide
And I’m her guide
She says that she’s
Struggled with motherhood

It’s right there on her face
She’s blessed me with her grace
I know I’m not off base when say
We’re each other’s happy place
We’re each other’s happy place

September 1, 2018

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One Hell of a Song

If I am the lyrics
Then you are the music
and together we’re a song
Written by someone
Who’s having great fun
’cause we sure get along
Yeah we have those times
When my words don’t rhyme
The tune just is plain wrong
Then we get re-written
and we’re again smitten
Our chorus is concise & strong
All cause I am the lyrics
You are the music
And we’re one hell of a song

And all the crowds
They love singing it
Where we’re performed
Or randomly played
And they wonder
Who wrote us and why
And how long it took
For us to be made
We’re listened to
Over and over again
Somehow we appeal
To both women and men

If you are the music
I am the lyrics
And together we’re a tune
Lovers and strangers
Will sing us forever
In lounges and saloons
Oh we’ve had those nights
When we’ve had raging fights
Combined, we’ll always belong
Like a string ball & kitten
A child’s hand and mitten
Wakin’  & the breakin’ of dawn
For I am the lyrics
You’re are the music
And we’re one hell of a song

Oh, we’re one hell of a song

August 16, 2018

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Cooler By The Lake

She just got back to school that week
She was in her third year at Wesleyan
It wasn’t as easy as school used to be
So she wasn’t having as much fun
Ran into her old flame at the Pub II
He was distant and didn’t talk a lot
But when she closed her eyes
She instantly fantasized
About the days when her ex was hot

He was cooler by the lake
They’d go out there ‘n mess around
To her it was more than a summer fling
She thought it was true love she found
And when he said they were over
She thought they’d still be friends
But knew now he was filled with lies
She was clear on her big mistake
He turned out like all those guys
Who acted cooler by the lake

So she tried to date all kinds of ways
Even though her homework was hard
She met a senior on one of her dates
She thought he was kind of a card
He was not into the whole frat scene
He liked fishin’ up at Lake Bloomington
And when he brought her
As he eagerly taught her
She wasn’t sure he was the one

He was cooler by the lake
He knew how to use his rod & reel
He used the bait on his hook that day
She didn’t know what to feel
Was this the prediction of their fate?
After all, her heart was at stake
She was in a suspicious state
’cause was cooler by the lake

It was hotter than Hades in Chi-Town
They were home during Spring Break
They decided to take a bus Downtown
Suddenly she got a raging headache
He had an idea that might help her
Not chocolate cake
Or her favorite shake
She giggled when he said to her
it’s always cooler by the lake

Oh, that day they were
both cooler by the lake
Oh, that day they were
both cooler by the lake

Cooler by the lake
Cooler by the lake
Cooler by the lake
Cooler by the lake

August 10, 2018

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The Proposal Song

I don’t want to love someone out of spite
I just wanna be yours, your only Mr. Right
I wanna love you dear with all of my might,
Oh, I just wanna be your man, your Mr. Right

There you are, coming up with excuses again
Sayin’ you only can be my closest friend
You don’t wanna be more than a one night stand
You just wanna cuddle and hold my hand

Well I don’t wanna get in a dishonest fight
I just wanna be the last one to say goodnight
I wantcha to know that I won’t ever bite
I gotta be the one who’s gonna hold you tight

Through every little problem that you face
In situations where you feel out of place
Though every heartbreaking family tragedy
The one I hope you’ll always count on is me

I swear I’ll do anything to make you mine
You’ll be my eternal and special Valentine
In darkness you feel, I wanna be your light
Cause you deserve the one who’s Mr. Right

And why do I think, my dear that man is me?
Oh sweetie, review our complete history
At first it seemed like such a crazy mystery
But now it’s only you, honey, that I see

If you were Mrs. Wrong, by now I’d know
I’d quit and enter another romantic rodeo
I’d end up being some woman’s Mr. Right Now
So darlin’, you’ll have to show me how

To prove to you I’m not like those other guys
Who turned you from naive to bitterly wise
It took me me years of thinkin’ every night
That it’s clear to me I’m your only Mr. Right

You’ve gotta know in your soul,
It’s a thing you cannot control
I’m your you’re destiny, your fate
I know I’m a few years late
But now I’m enlightened by foresight
The whole reason for this song
Was to tell you they’re all wrong
And we are meant to be
I’m your only Mr. Right
And I’m here to set you free

You’re my one and only Mrs. Right
I’m asking you, my dear, to marry me

July 11, 2018