Set Me Up With You

You’ve tried to set me up with your friendsThat didn’t go over with them so wellYou kept thinkin’ one of them would like meAnd none of them had fun with me or fell So tonight, I’ve got a good hunch in my heartMaybe you haven’t thought this throughHave you ever considered sweetheart,they think you shouldContinue reading “Set Me Up With You”

His Poor Hand

He was at a high stakes card gameRight above Drifters in BloomingtonFrom the looks of him you could sayHe wasn’t having a lot of fun He was losing his money faster than youcould call him an unlucky sumbitchBut this is how things changed so fastHow he won it all then strutted out rich It wasContinue reading “His Poor Hand”

California Vacayday

We’ve looked forward to this Just our children, you and me Spending quality time together In scenic Capitola-by-the-Sea It’s a perfect California Vacayday We went bodysurfin’ in the bay It’s a perfect California Vacayday It’s so great to be away from the hustle and bustle and our big city street And eating gourmet tacos filledContinue reading “California Vacayday”

Get Out of Town

She said she was in love with me I am positive now she had lied She said she was feeling feelings She couldn’t keep them inside She had me meet her Momma She introduced me to her Dad But this is what he said to me During the only talk we ever had He saidContinue reading “Get Out of Town”

Second in Command

You’re the craziest woman I’ll ever know But I really don’t want you to go ’cause I love hearing your point of view and I promise I won’t ever leave you I see the beauty of you behind your eyes Inside of you is a soul that is wise From what you’ve said I thinkContinue reading “Second in Command”

The Songwriter’s Daughter

She’s got a way of looking at the world Like no one else I’ve heard of or met Her eyes are windows to a universe I don’t think I’ll want to forget I know we’re just dating right now And I don’t have much to my name But I have this feeling in my heartContinue reading “The Songwriter’s Daughter”

It’s What You Did Right

For Barbara J. Gray (Mom) You worked so darn hard Raising us kids to be good During those younger years You both did the best you could We were rambunctious as hell Rebels of our neighborhood But you accepted the call and you understood important things in life like how we’d end up to beContinue reading “It’s What You Did Right”