Real McCoy

As I looked around your place
and saw the smile on your face
I knew you’re one of a kind
You completely blew my mind

My intuition about me and you
Told me that our love was true
It said you were the one
and we’d have more than fun

It’d be a love I had been dreaming of
Since I was a little boy
When I looked up to my parents
and I’d pray I’d have that kind of joy
Now you and I are both students
Here in the heart of Central Illinois
As sure as cowboys love shootin’
I know we’re the Real McCoy

Real McCoy
Real McCoy
We’re true love
We’re the Real McCoy

I deeply care about your parents
They treat me as one of the family
Mom and Dad are impressed with you
And I love your gentle sincerity

Our dates have been so wonderful
We complement each other so well
Like a well-mannered gentleman
and a sweet & sassy Southern Belle

It’s the love I’ve been waiting for
Since I was a little boy
When I looked up to my parents
And I’d pray I had that kind of joy
Now you and I are students
Here in the heart of Central Illinois
As sure as farmers love farming
I know we’re the Real McCoy

As sure as farmers love farming
As sure as cowboys love shootin’
As sure as fishers love fishing
And Minnesotan say “Darn Tootin!”
I know we’re the Real McCoy

Real McCoy
Real McCoy
We’re true love
We’re the Real McCoy.

January 11, 2018


And Then I Met You

I knew girls who were so nice
but not many went out with me twice
All I was dreaming of was paradise
And then I met you
There were those who I got to know
and they didn’t go with the flow
So I was searching high and low
And then I met you

You were different
You were funnier
Oh, so much funnier than me
But you loved my humor
You loved my romantic inclinations
and that night we didn’t disagree

All those girls who I met
tossed me like a used cigarette
I was filled with pain and regret
I walked into the Buena Vista all wet
I was down to my last gutsy bet
I was there to meet a different brunette
And then I met you

You were so quirky
You were classier
Oh, so much classier than me
But you loved my cologne
You loved my little observations
You were the one, turns out I’d need

I was there and she was late
In fact, she blew off our date
but I’m a firm believer in fate
I thought she was my soulmate
The one who’d appreciate
my proposal on the Golden Gate
And then I met you
And then I met incredible you.

January 8, 2018

Amazing True Love, Please

After sampling your menu of life, waitress
And trying to figure out what I really want
Let me order that super exclusive dish you serve
at this fantastic and fine restaurant

I’d like to start out with some orange juice
I know it does wonders for how I feel
And I’ll also have a cup of coffee with,
’cause it always kicks me in gear during a meal

Now I’d like it with pepper
because it makes me sneeze
I’ll have a nice big helping
of your amazing true love, please

I’ve tried much of what I could order here
Your one night stand is pretty darn good
And I’ve loved your voyeurism
since our days of long ago childhood

My opinion of your distant admiration
is that it satisfies me for a while
And the side of idolization
sometimes makes me smile

Don’t give me the excuse you’ve run out
’cause I see others having a similar thing
And please don’t say I’m not worth it
Of your atmosphere and great service I sing

Don’t make me sit here and beg
I’m hoping I don’t have to get on my knees
To have you write this down as my order
then take me in your loving arms
for your amazing true love, please

I’d love your amazing, blazing, true love, please!

2003 – Revised, 2017

Lyrics Notes: Written at Mel’s Diner in West Hollywood, CA.

You Should Be With Me (Steak ‘n Shake Song)

Well, I’m sittin’ here in Steak n Shake
Pickin’ on a four-dollar meal
And I’m not sure if you’ll ever
Feel the way I feel

My pockets are all empty
But my stomach’s full for now
And I’m dreamin’ of you, girl
I gotta figure out how

To make some money
So you will date me
I feel like such a fool
It’s so upsetting
That I’m letting
My depression rule
I know I can make it happen
I know you’ll one day, see
That I was made for you
And you should be with me.
You should be with me

I see you there in Steak n’ Shake
And I’m wondering who’s with you
Who gets to hold your hand
Maybe it’s time you knew

That you’re the boy of my dreams
You’re the one who makes me laugh
Every time I see you anywhere
I wanna take your photograph

We could take selfies
We could go skating
We could study after school
It’s so unnerving
I’m here observing
Why do you tolerate her ridicule?
I know I’d be so better than her
She’s treating you like a nobody
Baby I was meant to be with you

And you should be with me
You should be with me


Weddings Page

Every week. I look through the paper
And somehow, I can’t avoid the weddings page
I investigate each couple’s story thoroughly
And wonder when it’ll be my time to engage

For they all look so very happy
They all seem ready and thrilled
They all know that for the rest of their lives
Their dreams will completely be fulfilled

I just hope I’m as blessed as they are someday
I just hope she and I find each other and know
Like each of those couples on the weddings page
They trust and believe in the ongoing flow

When I put down the paper & get on with the day
I think of what could happen and what will not
And I long for love to knock on my door ASAP
I’d like the iron to strike while I’m still hot

I know it will but I have my doubts as well
To be alone is to never live a life that’s unselfish
Something’s been missing, I know it deep inside
The one who will grant me this persistent wish

So as I take the public transportation
Or when I’m on an airplane staring at the sky
I’m really praying that’s the time she’ll notice me
And she will no longer feel so shy

While I look over and I wink and smile
She will hopefully think I’m worth her while
And not judge me for my looks or hourly wage
She’ll borrow my paper to look at the weddings page

And then we could start a comfortable conversation
We’d figure each other out and laugh until we cried
Maybe we’d end up discovering that night or day
That for life, we are meant to be side by side.

August, 1999

I got an email from Melanie out of the blue one day way after I wrote this poem. She had found me on Yahoo Profiles and made fun of my picture because it looked like I had a tree for a hat. I thought that was a cute line. We kept an online conversation going on for a year, then we met in person. When we met, I cracked a joke about us being MKG squared if we were to get married. I don’t know if it’s timing, or fate or whatever, but in all the research I found out that it’s also chemical – and even now, after close to 13 years of marriage, I am still thrilled she chose me. We have two gorgeous girls and I hope that whoever they choose in their life, they go with their inner pilot light. It made all the difference for us. No matter where we live, I can’t deny her. Good luck single friends. It may be a long journey for you, but true love does wait.

My First Time at Prom


Senior Prom ’87 – With Michelle Argentine

I met her in my Drama 1-2 class
She was wearing a mustard colored sweater
I had never noticed her around school before
Life there suddenly got better
There were girls I had crushes on
But this one stole the cake
I knew I had to take the chance
Our future was at stake

I took her out to lunch one day
I was so nervous and insecure
When I got the courage to ask her
She said she wasn’t quite sure
She had to run it by her Mother
I was floored she didn’t say yes right away
But when she gave me her decision later
Inside, I was screaming, “Hooray!”

She said she’d love to go to Prom with me
A good friend was designing her dress
Why I had no competition for her attention
was anybody’s guess
This was before I knew about fashion
Before Google, AOL, and
What an adventure it was my Junior year Spring
My first time at Prom

I picked out a pretty cool tuxedo
The colors were pink and white
Made reservations and got a corsage
Man, I thought I was so bright
I was at her doorstep on Valentine’s Day
with a ton of balloons in my hand
I was so anxious and excited
for the special date we had planned

I couldn’t wait to go to Prom with her
All my friends would finally see
I wasn’t some geek who couldn’t get a date
A girl wanted to go out with me
She could have gone with someone else
Like Harry, Dick or Tom
What I treat I thought it would be
My first time at Prom

When I drove out to her parents’ place
I was freaking out in my mind
I thought I’d get some big lecture
But her family to me was too kind
She looked like the angel I knew she was
Dinner on the wharf wasn’t too bad
This date was shaping up to turn into
The best one I ever had

We decided to stroll down the Boardwalk
And a jealous guy started yelling at her
And we rode on the rollercoaster for fun
But my mind started to stir
On the drive home I got verbal
I misunderstood what was said
When we said goodnight, I got no kiss
She just opened the door and fled

So our experience of going to Prom that Spring
was a special night I won’t forget
The next year we went to two more dances
Now I’m married to someone else without regret
I learned a lot about women from sweet Michelle
How I can’t just blow up like a bomb
Whenever I’m talking to my wife or daughters now-
I think of my first time at Prom-
I think of my first time at Prom.


Lyrics Notes:  Totally true story!  In 1986, I went to Prom with Michelle Argentine and the first time kinda went haywire. What I didn’t realize during the experience was that she was not currently seeing the jealous guy, he was just a guy from her past. That was totally different – I thought that guy was her then-current boyfriend.  It was too confusing and I got really upset. The following year, thanks to Michelle Lazo, it seemed like we patched things up and Michelle Argentine and I went to not only Sadie Hawkins together but my Senior Year, 1987 Prom in Monterey, CA.  My Grandma let me drive her Buick. That was a much better experience and I am grateful to both Michelles for what I would call the most wonderful date I had experienced up to then.  I’ll never forget what one of her questions to me was that night… “What is your vision of America?”  Haha… I guess I’d tell her now that where I live now is smack dab into what I think is a good representation of America…. Normal, IL.  I know she is happy wherever she is.