She’s Looking For A Fat Boy

She’s looking for a fat boy Doesn’t have to be so pretty He just has to be functional Preferably from the city She’s looking for a fat boy Who likes X-Box & 8 track tapes He can have a scruffy goatee And a closet full of capes He doesn’t have to like sports There couldContinue reading “She’s Looking For A Fat Boy”

Muddin’ With Me

I know you’re a rich chick and everything Your Dad, he owns a bunch of real estate And your Mom, well she looked at me funny When I said to her I wanna take you on a date Not to some fancy high-class restaurant Or some romantic comedy you wanna see I wanna go doContinue reading “Muddin’ With Me”

Your Freshman Year

You were an eager beaver during your freshman year Ready for the good times, wrapped up in fear It was a time of change, it was a time to explore It was a time to open every metaphorical door A door of experience, a door of new romance A door of truth during your firstContinue reading “Your Freshman Year”

I Hit the Jackpot With You

The world is a big casino begging us to take a chance So I took a little journey on a search for true romance And there you were, so amazing so full of promise and life When I was ready I pulled the lever by asking you to be my wife And you didn’t waitContinue reading “I Hit the Jackpot With You”

Settle Down Cowgirl

We’ve been ridin’ this range for a while now and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than lookin’ into your eyes of blue ‘n be with you so we could raise a family We’d build on what we started not long ago when we met during that cattle drive All I can say is livin’ withContinue reading “Settle Down Cowgirl”

Let’s Stay Inside Tonight

It’s near 20 below freezing outside Frankly, I don’t want you out of my sight So what do you say, my sugar plum fairy? Let’s stay inside tonight The fire’s blazing and here’s that Toddy Out the back window, we only see white What do you say, my sweet Swedish dumplin’? Let’s stay inside tonightContinue reading “Let’s Stay Inside Tonight”