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Halloween in Haddonfield

Parents go out and leave their kids at home
With hot looking babysitters who mess around
Their boyfriends arrive when the kids are asleep
And they try not to make any big sounds

Maybe they decided to watch a scary movie
Maybe they’re drinkin’ beer n gettin” high
They’re likely dry humpin’ in the family room
They don’t know about the mad bad guy

Who’s got the white Captain Kirk mask on
And a butcher knife in his bloody hand
He’s been stalking them the past few days
It’s like a horrified wonderland
You already know why the killer’s there
His twisted motive has been revealed
You’re in suspense ’cause you’re watchin’
People gettin’ killed on
Halloween in Haddonfield

Yeah they’re all gonna die
On Halloween in Haddonfield.

October 10, 2018

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Smarter Than You

If you listen closely to these words
and the progressions being played
You will question your intelligence
and everything you’ve ever made

And at night you’ll lie awake
because you won’t fall asleep
And you may want to get rid of
the things you need to keep

This song
This song
This song
This song
This song is smarter than you

Why even try to outsmart these words
or detect the lesson being taught
Or go back in time to review
all the fights you’ve ever fought

And all the lies you believed
All the stories you’ve ever read
Won’t haunt you like this tune
You now can’t get outta your head

This song
This song
This song
This song
This song is smarter than you

Oh face the facts
and quietly relax
Don’t think about what you’ll do
but forget this song
This song
This song
This song
is smarter than you

But know it’s smarter
than me, too
Yeah, it’s smarter
than me, too.

August 19, 2018

Lyrics Notes: I am a big They Might Be Giants fan. I could hear John Linnell sing this one, for that voice was the one I heard as I wrote this one. The whole time the person is saying this song is smarter, but in the end, it’s smarter than everyone combined. It’s very narcissistic but it was fun to write.