She’s Got an iPhone

Verse 1: She’s got an iPhone She’s always on that thing She’s got an iPhone And a diamond ring I don’t know who loves her Who lives inside her brain I don’t know where she works Or where she takes the train But she’s got an iPhone And she lives here in Maine Bridge: SheContinue reading “She’s Got an iPhone”

Dead Inside

Dead inside That’s how I turned out Dead inside I don’t know what I’m about I have no idea how I got this way But here you are asking me today If I remember a time when I felt well But I promised I would never ever tell I cannot unpack all those feelings LockedContinue reading “Dead Inside”

Crushing Crush

There’s a girl I’ve known since I was seventeen Has an aquatic blue eye and another that’s green She’s not the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen but she’s the one I was crushing on back then I was dating others who were nothing like her Whether they liked me or not, I wasn’t that sureContinue reading “Crushing Crush”

The Proposal Song

I don’t want to love someone out of spite I just wanna be yours, your only Mr. Right I wanna love you dear with all of my might, Oh, I just wanna be your man, your Mr. Right There you are, coming up with excuses again Sayin’ you only can be my closest friend YouContinue reading “The Proposal Song”

Set Me Up With You

You’ve tried to set me up with your friendsThat didn’t go over with them so wellYou kept thinkin’ one of them would like meAnd none of them had fun with me or fell So tonight, I’ve got a good hunch in my heartMaybe you haven’t thought this throughHave you ever considered sweetheart,they think you shouldContinue reading “Set Me Up With You”

Pinto Lake

Well, I’m thinkin’ about Half Moon Bay and those egg sandwiches you would make, All those black and white analog snapshots you wanted to but didn’t have time to take And I’m thinkin’ about that early Spring day It was a bit foggy, you had something to say When we were in that rowboat onContinue reading “Pinto Lake”

Relentless Party Chick

There you are, Relentless Party Chick You drink too much cause your man’s a prick You’d rather get rowdy and dance on the bar Relentless Party Chick, there you are I’m here all the time & see you go to town Settin’ up cowboys then knockin’ ’em down ’cause he’s workin’ all night, you getContinue reading “Relentless Party Chick”

Get Out of Town

She said she was in love with me I am positive now she had lied She said she was feeling feelings She couldn’t keep them inside She had me meet her Momma She introduced me to her Dad But this is what he said to me During the only talk we ever had He saidContinue reading “Get Out of Town”