Chris Harrington – (Harrington & Gray) – Aka Mister Flash

Chris and I wrote several songs during our teens and college years. After he moved away, I started writing with his brother, Phillip S. Harrington.
Phillip Harrington – (Matt and Phil’s Band)

We have written many, many songs together. Some in the same room, some via long distance where I would send him lyrics and he would edit them then set them to music with my approval. 2018 saw the end of both our personal & professional relationship but no regrets about our work. We’re just going down different roads.
Dr. Anthony Fesmire

During “Stop Running Away!,” Anthony and I started writing together and we came up with some good stuff. A highlight with him was actually not related to writing but journalism as we went to the BAMMIES together and interviewed many artists we admired for KATZ News. He later studied at Berklee School of Music and is now a Professor. Great, fun times with him!
Jonathan Fesmire

Since Jon brought me into the fold with friends, we started writing a little bit. A couple of interesting highlights include “What’s In Your Mind?” – a collaboration with Chris Harrington, Jon, and myself & “Heartfelt Holiday,” a song we wrote together while at Cabrillo College. I performed that song at a private Christmas party with friends for a few years.
Barbara Lopez

Barbara and I wrote several songs with each other as well. She has insisted that I not make any money from our compositions due to a disagreement (not sure how legal that is but oh well) so let’s just say we won’t be writing songs together anymore.
Lisa Aschmann

Lisa and I came close to collaborating on a tune way back and then one day I decided to send her the lyrics to “I Couldn’t Agree With You More,” where she edited some words, then created a melody for it. She sent me the scratch demo, and I had Pete Pidgeon (below) transcribe the melody and create a lead sheet with chords in it. Plans are in the works to collaborate this year.

Weezer (Rivers Cuomo)

Thanks to a parody lyric of “Trippin’ Down the Freeway” called “Trippin’ on Tabbouleh” that’s published, I can say I co-wrote with Rivers Cuomo. 🙂

Pete Pidgeon

The co-arranger of “I Couldn’t Agree With You More”

Your Name Could Be Here…

If you are an Artist, Arranger, Producer, or Composer please email me! I’d love to see if we could write some songs together. You just never know what we’ll come up with! My email is or please call and leave a message at 309-310-4096!